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Jul 28
cuaron how did you think this was a good idea

cuaron how did you think this was a good idea

  • eric andre: do you think maggie thatcher had girl power?
  • mel b: yes, of course
  • eric andre: do you think she effectively utilized girl power by funneling money to illegal paramilitary death squads in northern ireland


mulder: scully a werewolf just sexted me

scully: i don’t have time for this

mulder: he’s sending me emojis

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Jul 27

“When Marx made the famous statement that “a people oppressing another cannot itself be free” he did not mean this merely as a moral judgment. He also meant that in a society whose rulers oppress another people the exploited class which does not actively oppose this oppression inevitably becomes an accomplice in it. Even when this class does not directly gain anything from this oppression it becomes susceptible to the illusion that it shares a common interest with its own rulers in perpetuating this oppression. Such a class tends to trail behind its rulers rather than to challenge their rule. This, furthermore, is even truer when the oppression takes place not in a faraway country, but “at home,” and when the national oppression and expropriation form the very conditions for the emergence and existence of the oppressing society.

Revolutionary organizations have operated within the Jewish community in Palestine since the 1920s and have accumulated considerable experience from such practical activity; this experience provides clear proof of the dictum that “a people oppressing another cannot itself be free.” In the context of Israeli society it means that as long as Zionism is politically and ideologically dominant within that society, and forms the accepted framework of politics, there is no chance whatsoever of the Israeli working class becoming a revolutionary class.”
The Class Character of Israel (via braginskies)

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Jul 24


…spending my day off comparing The X-files to Seinfeld…

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give me a sheik and impa game

Jul 23

Anonymous said: What is your response to third worldists who say that the first world working class is not revolutionary because "life is pretty good for most people"?


Sounds like something a capitalist would say, in fact that’s one of your average capitalist’s go to arguments, I’m sure we’ve all heard it a million times… But the fact is that life isn’t “pretty good” for most people, unless you actually like spending more time doing a job you dislike than with your friends or family. Just because it’s worse elsewhere doesn’t mean we should be happy pissing our lives away for a wage.. It’s also a fallacy that people need to be immiserated in order to rebel, the workers and students who took to the streets in Paris 68 or in Italy throughout the seventies were enjoying the highest quality of life their families would have ever seen, in relative terms life was better than “pretty good” for them, they worked shorter hours, had better housing, education, healthcare etc etc…but they went out in mass numbers and fought for revolution anyway. 

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